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http-analyze is a log analyzer for web servers.




http-analyze is a log analyzer for web servers. It analyzes the logfile of a web server and creates a comprehensive summary report from the information found there. http-analyze has been optimized to process large logfiles as fast as possible.

http-analyze can be used with any web server supporting the Common Logfile Format (CLF) or one of the two widely used Extended Logfile Formats (DLF/ELF) such as the Netscape servers, the Apache server, and many other NCSA-style servers.

The http-analyze project recognizes HTTP/1.1 server responses as well as the new CORE top-level-domains. The analyzer comes in source form and therefore can be compiled on many platforms which have an »ANSI-C« compiler. Binary distributions are available for certain platforms such as IRIX, Solaris, and Linux. A Windows version is available, but not supported anymore.

Here are some key features of "http analyze":

· Easy navigation throughout the statistics report with an intuitive-to-use interface.
· Contains the 3Dstats logfile analyzer, which creates a 3D view (VRML 2.0 scene) of hits by month and hits by hour/weekday.
· Computes Hits, File count, Cached file count, Pageviews (textual pages), Sessions (unique hosts per 24 hours) and KB sent.
· Summaries are produced in up to 3 levels of detail: a Top N list shows the most interesting rankings, an overview shows a complete list of all requests and a detailed list contains all details for those requests (an URL, a hostname).
· Automatically links directories and/or URLs to the resulting statistics record for this page.
· Handles HTTP/1.1 server responses and new top-level-domains.
· Produces images in PNG format.
· Comes with source code, of course also in the free version.
· Fully configurable layout of the statistics report. Due to the huge demand of service providers to be able to use the analyzer with customized statistics reports and an individual Interpretation of the Results page in native language, we offer a commercial version for ISPs including support and assistance for individual solutions.


· Allows you to use an unmodified copy of the analyzer to create statistics reports for your web server.
· Does not include any support other than available through this web site.
· Does not include the right to alter the look & feel of the statistics report or the right to modify the software other than to get it compiled on a certain platform unless explicitly permitted.
· Requires to leave the copyright note, the link to the homepage of http-analyze intact, which show up in the statistics report.
Last updated on June 19th, 2007

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