Webanalyse 1.3

Webanalyse is a web site traffic statistics tool written in PHP 4.

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Public Domain 
3.2/5 15
Ranx and Etienne Sobole
ROOT \ Internet \ Log Analyzers
Webanalyse is a web site traffic statistics tool written in PHP 4. WebAnalyse doesn't use any databases, or Apache logs. Its reports include Web site statistics by day, week, month, and year, referer, host, IP, browser.

The big advantage lies primarily in detail of each visit, you can follow the pages or articles which are visited on your site. WebAnalyse can be added very easily (2 lines of code has to add) on all the pages where you wish to follow the activity.


1. Upload the folder (you can rename the folder) of webanalyse on the root directory.
2. In the folder, make a new folder named "log" with CHMOD 777 (the log file are write in this) (Secure with .htaccess)
3. add the 2 lines of code on each pages, with the whole beginning of the pages in you want to analyze the traffic.
Example :

access consultation page exemple :

that's all !

What's New in This Release:

Modifications :

Panel of configuration (choose language, choose number of result, choose ip to block).
Module multilinguage (French, Deutch, English, Spanish, Bulgarian).
2 modes of display (General or details)!
Integration of PHPClalendar for a better navigation.
Possibility to define the number of results visible in the Top listing.
Possibility to define a classement by Year, Month, Day in the Top listing.
Possibility to block a list of adress ip (Activate or not).
Automaticly check if a new release is available.
Include a module of Sarah King.

Better management of the total time of navigation like on the detail of navigation.
Unique visitor (Module of Sarah)
Management of the countries.
Processing the data improved, the old version put too much time has to list the history. ("serialisation" is back)
Idem for the graph.

Bugfixes :
Calendar, with date selected
Percent of result
Log the visitor with uniqid and cookies for better count.

Last updated on January 20th, 2008

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