Veduta 1.1.4

Intelligent log analysis

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What's new in Veduta 1.1.4:

  • Veduta now features search engine capabilities and dynamic report interrogation to help you determine problems and behaviours intelligently, intuitively and accurately.
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Veduta is the innovative, intuitive and unique means to view complex system logs, behaviour of inter-related systems and trends with one screen of data.

Traditional log viewers show you the detail in each log file - Veduta shows you the complete system state at a glance.

Veduta allows you to:

* Rapidly identify faults across multiple servers
* Intuitively identify trends and behaviours
* Determine interactions between related services

without the need for searching and correlating complex system logs. All the information is available in one picture, on one page. No grepping, no searching for logs across different servers, no paging through multi-megabyte log files.

Veduta works by reading your system's log files and Windows event logs and producing an image representing your system's behaviour, a day at a time.

Each image will represent how busy your system is, how many errors it has encountered, how many sales you've made, or anything else you wish to configure.

You can display webserver behaviour alongside database behaviour, price feed behaviour alongside portfolio server behaviour, or whatever combination you desire.

Veduta allows you to display all the information in your enterprise together, in one easy-to-read display. Using Veduta, you can:

 * Spot errors or events encountered by your different services.
 Did my server suffer any errors last night ?
 How many sales occurred yesterday ?

 * Identify trends across your different services.
 How busy are my servers ?
 Are my servers busier this week than last week ?
 What effect did that server upgrade have ?

 * Manage interactions between different services
 My dataserver failed last night. Did the backup server cope ok ?
 My price feed died. How did my applications manage ?
 We've just brought a new webserver into the cluster. Are loads being balanced now ?

Simply configure Veduta with your system's log files and what you want Veduta to identify from these (messages, activity etc.). Veduta generates fully customisable reports for your intranet, for any browser.


Save the .jar file and double-click the package to run or type:

java -jar veduta-1.1.4-installer.jar

for various Linux/Unix variants. The installer will run automatically. Full instructions and examples are available in the download package.

Last updated on December 14th, 2008

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