Skeith 2.01

mod_log_sql Analyzer

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What's new in Skeith 2.01:

  • Fixed bug of page not loading if incorrect GeoIP database was used
  • Added debug flag
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Adam Meily
ROOT \ Internet \ Log Analyzers
Skeith is a simple log analyzer and reporter. It works for the mod_log_sql module for Apache (it should work for mod_log_mysql too, but thus far testing has only been done with mod_log sql).

Skeith's main feature that sets it apart from other log analyzers it that it can generate the log file for a given day or month on-the-fly. This way the sysadmin can look at the exact requests that may be questionable or harmful.


Each page shows a vague summary of the selected month or day. Included in the summary are the hosts (IP Addresses) and the users who interacted with the web server in anyway. From there, the end-user can click on any host or user and view their respective detailed information for the given date. At any point in time the end-user can generate the complete log file for the given date. This gives the end-user a complete view of every request as it would have appeared in the original log file.


Skeith is meant to be simplistic. It is not as feature loaded as awstats, but Skeith takes very little configuration. Set the beginning date, how to connect to the database, and Skeith is up and running. There are no commands to run, just unzip and go.

Skeith in it's current state cannot help detect hacking attempts. Skeith will soon have the ability to show questionable hosts and users based on visits, status codes, and objects requested. This should be implemented by version 1.0.

Because Skeith is so simplistic, it is meant for small servers. It may not scale as well as other solutions. But, If you want to know who is using your web server, what they are doing, and where they are from, then Skeith is right for you.

Last updated on February 10th, 2009

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