Kwatch 2.3.3

Kwatch is a graphical KDE 2.0 user interface for watching log files.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 19
Martin Junius
ROOT \ Internet \ Log Analyzers
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Kwatch is a graphical KDE 2.0 user interface for watching log files.

This utility is a port of kwatch 0.3 by Ralph C. Weichert to KDE2/3.

Basically it is a tail -f with a graphical KDE user interface for watching log files.

What's New in This Release:

kwatch/kwatchconf.h (DEFAULT_IDLETIMEOUT): default set to 300 s.
kwatch/prefs.cpp (kwatchPrefs): add input field "Reopen idle timeout".
(updateConf): set m_param3 from config.
(changeParam3): new slot for m_param3.
kwatch/prefs.h (class kwatchPrefs): added m_param3 member with corresponding changeParam3() slot.
kwatch/klogwidget.cpp (KLogWidget): use config idleTimeout. (timeout): dito.
kwatch/kwatchconf.cpp (save): save new idleTimeout. (read): read new idleTimeout.
kwatch/kwatchconf.h (class kwatchConf): added idleTimeout member.
(DEFAULT_IDLETIMEOUT): default is 30 seconds.
kwatch/klogwidget.cpp (KLogWidget): start m_idle with 30s.
(timeout_idle): new slot for timer m_idle timeout signal.
(timeout): restart m_idle, if text was read from a log file.
kwatch/klogwidget.h (class KLogWidget): added new QTimer *m_idle member.
kwatch/klogwidget.cpp (createPopupMenu): removed call to
QTextEdit::createPopupMenu(), use QCursor::pos(). The position passed in arg pos is the relative position in the KLogWidget, not the absolute position on screen.

Last updated on September 7th, 2005

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