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FTPWebLog project is a freeware integrated WWW and FTP log reporting tool.




FTPWebLog project is a freeware integrated WWW and FTP log reporting tool. Its primary inspiration was the wwwstat program written by Roy Fielding.

While a good program - wwwstat has some design flaws that make it unsuited for use by large sites as released - notably difficult reconfiguration of reports, bad handling of characters that should be escaped, difficulty in making it support additional log formats, poor support for multiple servers, and the rather 'after the fact' retro-fitting of graphic reports to it.

My experience using and heavily customizing wwwstat led me to conclude that I needed a new program written from the ground up for flexibility: FTPWebLog was the result.

wwwstat still does some things that FTPWebLog does not - most notably filtering of reports by date. On the flip side, FTPWebLog does several things that wwwstat does not and is much easier to customize to match a sites particular needs.


Almost all the options are explained directly in the source for 'ftpweblog' and 'graphftpweblog'. Here is a short general guide that should let you get up.

Identify where your access_log is stored. Change $LogFile in the 'ftpweblog' program to point to it.

If using 'graphftpweblog', set $GraphFTPWebLogURL in the 'ftpweblog' program to point the URL where you intend to put the graphic report html file generated by 'graphftpweblog'.

Make any directories that will be used by 'graphftpweblog' to store the gif files it generates.

Run 'ftpweblog' - directing its output to a file:

ftpweblog > stats.html

If using graphftpweblog, run it - also directing its output to a file.

graphftpweblog > graphs.html

You should now have a report. That easy. By fine tuning the report options, you can make it as short or as in depth as you like.
Last updated on June 18th, 2007

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