EasyStat 4.1

EasyStat provides a real time web statistics application.

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EasyStat provides a real time web statistics application.

EasyStat is a real time tracking and reporting system that generates customized statistical reports in multiple languages.

Here are some key features of "EasyStat":

It's Easy
EasyStat is very easy to install and use. The slick way the information is displayed makes it easy to get useful information about who visited your site, with just a quick look.
It's Multi-User
EasyStat was designed to be a multi-user application, so you can create as many accounts as you want. Each account has it's own private properties.
It's Secure
Your account preferences and statistics are protected with a password so that only you can modify or delete the account.
It's Customizable
When you choose to modify one of the EasyStat's accounts, you are presented with a graphical interface that helps you modify all the account properties. From an admin point of view, all the reports that exist in EasyStat are actually HTML templates that are very easy to customize. And the whole interface is based on well known web standards such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to allow easy customization of their look and feel.
It's Global
Wherever you live, whatever language you speak, EasyStat can suit your needs. It currently supports the most used languages, but more languages can be added easily. EasyStat can also adjust the statistics for the time zone you live in.
It's Comprehensive
EasyStat's main purpose is to count the visitors to your page. But it can do much more than that. It can also manage the downloads of your files. Also, with a banner account, you can count both the impressions (how many times it was displayed) and the click-throughs (how many visitors clicked on that banner image.)

What's New in This Release:

Administration Pages
By default, when you login, the admin pages are displayed. But when the tracking code is inserted into your web pages, when you login, you will now be sent directly to the reports. Click on "Preferences" to see the administration pages.
The login timeout (the inactivity time that must elapse before you are logged out automatically) can now be specified for each account in the Account Settings -> Display Settings page.
You are now able to specify the report you will see first after you log in. Use the Default Report dropdown list from the Account Settings -> Display Settings.
The tracking image for free accounts can now be set to a banner group, and you can specify whether you want the banners in this group to track each visitor or not.
You can now assign a banner group to all categories in one step, in the Tracking Image menu.
Download Statistics
When viewing the statistics of a download account, and choosing a month or a year period, the statistics were incorrectly displayed (the main website account's statistics were shown instead). Now the correct download account statistics are shown.
Search Words and Search Phrases reports
Fixed the percent column which was displaying inaccurate results.
When you click on an entry, it will expand into a list of search engines with a link to the actual search page where the visitor found your site.
Referring Pages
The entries now link to the actual URL that is displayed.
Visitor Time Zone
When the mouse is placed over a time zone a message is displayed with the number of visitors for that time zone.
Visitor Domains, Visitor Countries and Visitor Languages
Fixed the display of data from previous years.
Visitor Domains
The Unresolved entry appears only in the Top-Level Domains list. Each unresolved entry is displayed with its IP address in the Domain list.
Single Access Pages, Entry Pages and Exis Pages
The reports now display a separate column for each page with the percentage of the total number of unique visitors.
Referring Domains
When you click on a domain, it will expand into a list of complete referrer URLs and the number of visitors that came from each URL.
The domains are now case insensitive to avoid multiple entries of the same domain that contained a mix of lower case letters and capitals.
When a domain entry was expanded, the full URL was not cut within the limits of the table and pushed the table boundary on the right.
Free/Paid Account Administration
Free accounts can now be restricted to a number of page views/month. This is called the "global limit".
The paid accounts will have an expiration date and a limit of page views per month. This can be programatically set (for each account) either with a custom payment script or via the admin interface.
The user of a paid account will be able to see the page views limit per month in his/her Account Properties.
When the paid status expires, the account will revert back to free status, and the global limit will be enforced.
The "admin" will also be able to search by user name in the "Manage Accounts" page and change all these settings manually.
Page Patterns
Does your site have dynamic pages and EasyStat keeps track of all of them, regardless of the fact that they may be the same page? Now you can specify a page pattern and EasyStat will only store the static part of each page. You can read more about page patterns in the readme file from the EasyStat 4.1 distribution.

Last updated on March 26th, 2007

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