BetterAWstats 1.0

BetterAWstats is made to provide better statistics out of the data AWstats provides.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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BetterAWstats is made to provide better statistics out of the data AWstats provides. The project is not a replacment of AWstats.

Here are some key features of "BetterAWstats":

Multi-site data - If the path to the datafile has the files of several sites in it, all those sites can be viewed in BetterAWstats
Rolling months - 12 months data chart & table now end in the selected month and show the previous 12 month instead of showing only the current year Jan-Dec.
Rolling days - If the current month is not finished, the daily data shows the last days from the last month. The total amount of days shown is equal to the current month's number of days.
Pages & Hits have independent scale - In AWstats, the pages charts are scaled as a 1:1 to hits. So a website with 10 images on each page would show a one-pixel high pages-bar and a 10 pixel high hits-bar for one view of a page. If you have more images (in your layout etc), the pages ba becomes too small to show any information. BetterAWstats gives each bar its own scale, depending on the maximum value over the given timespan.
Weekday data as average - In AWstats, data for each weekday (Mo, Tue...) would be summed up. So a month with 5 mondays would have more hits on Mondays than for its 4 Tuesdays. By building the average per weekday in BetterAWstats, you can see better how much more people come on Mondays to your site, independent how many Mondays that one month has. Also, beeing in the middle of the current month has less impact due to the fact that one Monday on the end of the month did not add any data to that month.
Number of Visits per Weekday - Although this data is available, AWstats would not show it. BetterAWstats does!


AWStats 6.6
PHP 4.4.2

What's New in This Release:

Memory load for HOSTS, a new design, and code for table creation.
Missing TLDs were added to the world map.
The config editor is now password protected, and new config options were provided to prevent oversized charts.
The favicon is displayed for referring sites.
Many issues were fixed in the code.

Last updated on March 18th, 2008

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