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Test recorder for functional tests
The testrecorder zope extension is a browser-based tool to support the rapid development of functional tests for Web-based systems and applications. The idea is to "record" tests by exercising whatever is to be tested within the browser. The test recorder will turn a recorded session into a functional test.


Test recorder supports two output modes:

 In this mode, the testrecorder spits out HTML markup that lets you recreate the browser test using the Selenium functional testing framework.

Test browser:
 In this mode, the testrecorder spits out a Python doctest that exercises a functional test using the Zope testbrowser. The Zope testbrowser allows you to programmatically simulate a browser from Python code. Its main use is to make functional tests easy and runnable without a browser at hand. It is used in Zope, but is not tied to Zope at all.

Like Selenium and the Zope test browser, the test recorder can very well be used to test any web application, be it Zope-based or not. Of course, it was developed by folks from the Zope community for use with Zope.

last updated on:
January 13th, 2011, 20:28 GMT
developed by:
Zope Corporation and Contributors
license type:
ZPL (Zope Public License) 
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