xychan 0.3

A 'chan-style' web message board similar to Wakaba
xychan is a "chan-style" message board system like Wakaba, Kareha, Futaba, etc. Unlike these systems it's written in Python instead of a mess of Perl or PHP.

What is this, really?

A "chan board" is a message board that allows for Anonymous posting. Users can post messages without registering for an account or even entering a name. However, there are means for them to authenticate themselves and "prove" their identify if they so desire.

Another focus is the ability of users to post images. One image can be included with every post. A thumbnail of the image appears with the post.

Design Goals

xychan is designed to be:

 * easily deployed on almosy any web server (via CGI, FastCGI, Passenger, or any WSGI runner)
 * easily configured (uses SQLAlchemy to work with any database, from SQLite3 to MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
 * easily extended and customized with CSS or template modification
 * scalable (at least compared to those other message boards)
 * small yet powerful


This is BETA quality software. It is not yet stable. It changes a lot.

How do I run it? - the EASY way (cgi)

 * Your web server needs Python 2.7
 * Your web server needs ImageMagick to support images on the board
 * Download http://mike.verdone.ca/xychan/xychan.zip
 * Copy it to your webserver in an empty directory that supports CGI
 * Unzip it
 * Modify xychan.cgi in case there's anything you want to change there
 * Modify htaccess and copy it to .htaccess
 * Access path/to/xychan.cgi/setup on your webserver

How do I run it? - the SMART way

 * Your web server needs Python 2.7
 * Your web server needs ImageMagick to support images in the board
 * Your web server needs the following Python packages installed: * bottle * sqlalchemy * Some kind of database (eg. sqlite3)
 * Untar the xychan codebase
 * In your WSGI server::

 from xychan import app app.configure_db("postgres://user:password@host/dbname") # (or some similar SQLAlchemy db url) app.configure_image_dir("/some/safe/path/in/your/filesystem")

xychan is free software distributed under GPL (GNU General Public License).

last updated on:
October 17th, 2010, 10:03 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Mike Verdone
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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