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x-Desktop is a development of browser-only application frontends.




This project comprises a library for developing thin client application frontends using a browser. It helps developers creating (neat) application interfaces (GUI) for inter/intra- and extranet applications.

Here are some key features of "x Desktop":

· 100% Browser based & no plugins required
· Supports all Operating Systems providing a DOM2 / Javascript Support Browser
· Simple, well documented Object Interface
· Customizable desktop & window skins

Following Browsers are currently supported:

· Mozilla 1.2+
· Firefox
· K-Meleon 0.7+
· Netscape 7.0+
· Avant 7.0+
· Microsoft IE6.0+
· Galeon 1.2+
· OSX: Camino 0.7+

A note to Konqueror / Safari users: We do respect the work of the Open Source community, especially the K-Teams. However we did not have the time to dig too much into why Konqueror does not work as the others. But because Mozilla 1.x does work and comes with most Linux boxes, we focused on development of the supported browsers, rather than finding the key issues of this problem.

A note to Opera fans: Unfortunately the css and javascript support of all current versions does not allow many operations we do need (like dynamic clipping etc.) We did hope that the upcoming Opera 7.x version can be included as well. But so it is not the case.

Despite the success of NS 4.x it is clearly in excess of age. Therefore we are sorry to inform that NS 4.x or any prior versions of above mentioned browser cannot be used. In addition, the javascript engine of NS7.x seems to be very slow when moving or resizing desktop windows.
Last updated on March 28th, 2005

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