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An Open Source, free and web-based LDAP client for Linux-based operating systems

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web2ldap is an open source and full-featured LDAP client written in Python and designed to run as a stand-alone Web gateway or under the control of a web server with FastCGI support (e.g., Apache with mod_fastcgi).

Supports a wide range of schema attributes

Among the currently supported and used schema attributes included in web2ldap we can mention attributeTypes, dITContentRules, ldapSyntaxes, matchingRuleUse, matchingRules, objectClasses, dITStructureRules, and nameForms.

A swiss-army knife for accessing LDAP servers

web2ldap is a generic LDAPv3 client, a swiss-army knife for accessing and manipulating LDAP servers without the need to configure anything. It is a secure LDAP client that features a schema browser, and a customizable platform for prototyping LDAP administration use-cases.

Getting started with web2ldap

Installing the web2ldap software is the easiest of tasks. Before attempting to install it, make sure that you have all of its dependencies installed, then download and save the latest release on your Home directory, then use an archive manager utility to extract the files from the archive.

Make sure that you extract the files to the /opt directory, which requires root access (e.g. sudo mv /home/softpedia/web2ldap-1.2.11 /opt). Then, rename the /opt/web2ldap-1.2.11 folder to /opt/web2ldap and edit the configuration modules from the [web2ldapdir]/etc/web2ldap/web2ldapcnf/ folder.

Configure and run the web server in standalone mode using the [web2ldapdir]/sbin/web2ldap.py file. For more details, please read the comprehensive documentation from the project’s official website (see link at the end of the article).

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Last updated on July 27th, 2015
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