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wdmmgext is an extension for the Where Does My Money Go project. Where Does My Money Go is an independent non-partisan project run by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

We're trying to make government finances much easier to explore and understand - so you can see where every pound of your taxes gets spent.

Where did it come from?

Where Does My Money Go? was first developed as an idea by the Open Knowledge Foundation‘s Jonathan Gray in 2007.

In November 2008 the project was a winner of the UK Government’s Show Us a Better Way competition. The project received a small grant in summer 2009 from the UK Government to develop a prototype, which was launched in autumn 2009. In 2010 the project received funding from Channel 4′s 4iP to support further development.

Who is behind this?

The formal answer is the Open Knowledge Foundation who created and are running the project. The OKF is a not-for-profit organization dedicating to making information open — available for anyone to access and re-use. Details of the core development team and our advisory panel can be found on the people page.

However the more informal, and perhaps more accurate, answer is: you!. This is citizen-driven project not only in the sense that citizens like yourself will be its users, but to gather and analyse the data we are going to need your help to do it.

Is there a party political motivation behind this project? Do you have views about how the UK government spends its money?

Where Does My Money Go is a free, impartial, politically neutral, online tool to find out about where public money in the UK is spent. There is no party political motivation behind this project. The project does not aim to present any one particular narrative about the UK Government’s income or expenditure, or where money should and shouldn’t be spent. Our main aim is to help members of the public understand where public money is spent, not to comment on how it is spent. We hope it will be a useful tool for everyone, regardless of their political persuasion and their views on public spending.

Last updated on January 21st, 2011


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