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Dispatch TiddlyWeb jobs using beanstalkd




tiddlywebplugins.dispatcher is a TiddlyWeb plugin to dispatch tiddlers to asynchronous job queues.

This plugin uses beanstalkd to provide an in memory queing system holding queues to external processes which will do something with the information in the queue. The general goal is to allow processing of tiddlers asynchronously: For example to do indexing, send mail, etc.

The general model goes as follows:

* In init() of the plugin two things happen:
** a Store HOOK for tiddler put and delete is registered, that hooke has one job: put a message in the default queue of beanstalkd
** N+1 external process are either forked or if launched by some other mechanism, registered. The '1' processs listens on the default queue and writes the tiddler ID into a queue named after each of the N external processes (e.g. a tube named 'index')

* Each of the process listening on non-default tubes, processes the tiddler, and then deletes it from the queue.

This is _highly_ experimental. You will need to be able to compile beanstalkd in order to use this.
Last updated on January 13th, 2012

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