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thttpd is a simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.




thttpd is a simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server:

Simple; It handles only the minimum necessary to implement HTTP/1.1. Well, maybe a little more than the minimum.

Small; See the comparison chart. It also has a very small run-time size, since it does not fork and is very careful about memory allocation.

Portable; It compiles cleanly on most any Unix-like OS, specifically including FreeBSD, SunOS 4, Solaris 2, BSD/OS, Linux, OSF.

Fast; In typical use it's about as fast as the best full-featured servers (Apache, NCSA, Netscape). Under extreme load it's much faster.

Secure; It goes to great lengths to protect the web server machine against attacks and breakins from other sites.

It also has one extremely useful feature (URL-traffic-based throttling) that no other server currently has. Plus, it supports IPv6 out of the box, no patching required.

What's New in This Release:

Move fdwatch initialization before the chroot, so that /dev/poll can work.
Multiple fdwatch cleanups and fixes (Adam Zell).
Last updated on October 12th, 2005

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