tgapp-calendarevents 0.0.8

TurboGears2 pluggable application for events and calendars
tgapp-calendarevents is a pluggable calendars and events application for TurboGears2. It permits to create events which are associated to entities defined inside the application which plugs it in.

Calendarevents provides support for multiple calendars and event types, by defining new event types it is possible to define how the event relates to external entities like a blog post that describes it.

When displaying events if available weather informations for the day and location of the event will be provided.


calendarevents can be installed both from pypi or from bitbucket:

easy_install calendarevents

should just work for most of the users

Plugging calendarevents

In your application config/ import plug:

from tgext.pluggable import plug

Then at the end of the file call plug with calendarevents:

plug(base_config, 'calendarevents', event_types=[...])

At least one event type must be defined inside the event_types argument. Defining event types is explained inside the Event Types section.

You will be able to access the calendars at http://localhost:8080/calendarevents.

Event Types

calendarevents needs the application to define at least one EventType to work.

Event types must be defined inheriting from the calendarevents.EventType class, for example to define an event for a concert which relates to a blog article that describes the concert itself:

class Concert(EventType):
 name = 'Concert'

 def get_linkable_entities(self, calendar):
 return [(a.uid, a.title) for a in model.DBSession.query(model.Article)]

 def get_linked_entity_info(self, event):
 return model.DBSession.query(model.Article).get(event.linked_entity_id).title

 def get_linked_entity_url(self, event):
 return tg.url('/blog/view/%s' % event.linked_entity_id)

plug(base_config, 'calendarevents', event_types=[Concert()])

Exposed Partials

calendarevents exposes a partial to render event boxes inside other pages:

- calendarevents.partials:event(event) - Renders an event box

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September 12th, 2012, 9:18 GMT
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Alessandro Molina
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