roar 0.1.2

Static website generator based on Growl
Roar is a Python-based, easy extendable, blog aware, static site generator.

Roar is a static website generator, forked from Growl, which in turn is heavily inspired from Jekyll, and which shamelessly stole some really cool ideas from Jekyll.

Nevertheless Growl brought some nice features:

- Minimal dependencies
- Easy to install (and use? ;])
- Easy to extend

The Growl based site of xfire's blog is also available on github.

On top, Roar departs from Growl in some aspects:

- Even less dependencies (e.g. Yaml is no longer used)
- Packaged for the PyPi
- Actively maintained



The following basic packages are needed:

> apt-get install python

All other is optional depending on you own needs.

I recommend using Jinja2 as the templating engine. Roar will use Jinja2 as default, if it is installed.

> apt-get install python-jinja2

You are free to use some other templating engine like Django, Mako or Cheetah. for examples how to configure them, see extending Roar.

Finish the installation

After installing all needed packages, you can use roar directly or copy it to a place which is in your $PATH.

> ./roar ...
> cp roar /usr/local/bin

last updated on:
October 17th, 2011, 13:24 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Adrian Perez
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