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A project that aims to become the default web browser of the KDE Plasma desktop environment

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rekonq is a free and open source software project that has been designed from the offset to replace the old Konqueror web browser of the modern KDE Plasma graphical desktop environment. It is currently distributed as part of the KDE Project and powered by WebKit.

Features at a glance

Key features include a minimal design with tabs, private browsing, speed dial (also known as favorites), bookmarks, history, built-in downloader, support for reopening closed tabs, printing support, built-in page zooming functionality, full screen mode, built-in adblock, as well as keyboard navigation support.

In addition, the application allows users to change the User Agent and identify the software on the Internet as another web browser, as well as support for removing private data from your previous browsing session, such as downloads history, cached web pages, website icons, visited pages history, cookies, and home page thumbs.

Advanced users will also find some interesting tools that allow them to inspect web pages, manage (save and load) multiple sessions, create shortcuts for web apps, view the source of the current web page, and set the editable flag.

Offers remote sync functionality

Another interesting feature of rekonq is the sync functionality, which can be enabled from the configuration menu, allowing the user to sync history, bookmarks and passwords on a remote FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SSH (Secure Shell), Google Sync or Opera Sync services.

From the Preferences dialog, users will be able to tweak the application to fit their needs. For example, you can set a default home page, set the target directory for downloads, integrate it with the KGet download manager tool, change the tab behavior and the app’s look and feel.

Numerous WebKit settings are also available for you to tweak, including JavaScript and HTML5 functions. Various privacy and advances options have been implemented too, along with the possibility to manage search engines.

rekonq was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on October 16th, 2014
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