pyBit 2.2.0

URL shortening tool

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What's new in pyBit 2.2.0:

  • Fixed problem with restart for applying the changes
  • All settings are dynamicly loaded
  • Fixed problem with the Clipboard - Unable to open Clibpboard
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GPL v3 
Vladimir Kolev
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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PyBit is a small utility written in wxPython for shortening URLs using some of the best shortening engines like:,, and and posting status updates to twitter or

pyBit tries to be as simple as possible and more userfirendly. So the configuration is one using a simple preference dialog and all the buttons and text is bigger. But you have to know, that all passwords (for twitter and are stored in plain text, so it’s NOT secure, till I figure out a simple way to store the passwords, or twitter gives a hash authentication method.

Under GNOME pyBit stores the shotened URL directly to your clipboard, so you don’t have to select and copy the short URL.


PyBit doesn't require any installation, but if you wish, you could do that following the next steps:
    1. Be sure you have installed the needed dependences:
        - python-wxgtk2.8
        - python-gtk
        - curl (only needed for the status updater)
        - ConfigObj (actually included in the archive)
    2. Copy the folder content to the /opt directory (you could change it
    but for the example I'll be using /opt)
        # cp -rp pybit /opt
    3. Make sure the python.conf file is writable:
        # chmod 755 /opt/pybit/pybit.conf
    4. Create a global executable script:
        # sudo gedit /usr/bin/pybit
            in the opened editor enter the following content:
            cd /opt/pybit/ && python
    5. Make the script executable:
        # sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/pybit
    6. Now you can add pybit to your applications menu:
        For GNOME:
         - Open System -> Preferences -> Main Menu
         - Select Internet and click on +New Item
         - Enter the following:
            Name: pyBit
            Command: pybit
            Comment: URL shortening
         - For icon you could select /opt/pybit/icons/icon.png
        For KDE:
         It's identical, but I don't have KDE based distribution to test

Last updated on March 24th, 2010


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