pulpTunes 1.1.0 / 1.2 Beta

A web server for the iTunes desktop application that lets you access your music through the web

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What's new in pulpTunes 1.2 Beta:

  • The beta for the next major version is ready for you to test out. Among the major new features are automatic router config, iPhone support, multiple languages support, shuffle/repeat buttons and the ability to download all the songs from a playlist at once.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Alejandro Pedraza
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
You’ve got a huge music collection in your iTunes at home…

You want to access that music from the office, at a friend’s party, or let other people hear it from anywhere in the world…

pulpTunes is a web server for the iTunes desktop application that lets you access your music through the web. It is written in Java and runs on Windows and Mac, and even any other platform like Linux, provided you have an iTunes-like XML library file that


In the machine where you have iTunes, double click on the pulpTunes.jar file. You'll be asked to enter the location of the iTunes XML file. If you're using Windows, this is usually located under C:Documents and SettingsyourusernameMy DocumentsMy MusiciTunes

Then from another computer (or the same machine) use your browser to go to http://yourip:15000

where "yourip" is the IP address where the pulpTunes server is running.

This IP can be one of two things:

1) If browsing from within your home network, it's the machine's local IP. To find  what it is, run the command ipconfig (if using Windows) or ifconfig (if using Mac or Linux) in the machine running pulpTunes.

2) If browsing from outside your home network, it's your home's IP. To find what it is, go to http://whatsmyip.org/. Also, if you have a router at home, make sure you map the port 15000 to the local IP address of the machine running the pulpTunes server (see 1)), in the router configuration.


Should run on any machine with Java 1.6 installed, but there are some minor caveats:

- Under Linux, using the Compiz desktop effects, the pulpTunes server icon can't be shown unless you have a Java version 1.6 update 10 or higher.
- Under Java installs running from X11 (like Soylatte on Mac), the icon can't be shown either.

Last updated on November 26th, 2009

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