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PSX is a framework for developing dynamic websites in PHP. The goal of PSX is to help you developing RESTful APIs serving web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS. It has a focus on social technologies and provides classes to use and implement OAuth, OpenID, Opengraph, Opensocial, Opensearch, PubSubHubbub, Atom, and RSS. At the example page you can see sample implementations using various PSX classes wich give you an good overview how the PSX framework works. On the download section you can grab the current release of PSX or you can install it via PEAR. If you want contribute or get in contact you find at the community page all necessary informations. In the following a short overview what features PSX offers.

Technical interoperability

PSX offers a comprehensive PHP library wich is loosly coupled and designed after standard naming conventions so it can be used with other projects like i.e. PEAR, Symfony or Zend. All classes are independently usable because of dependency injection.


PSX supports you in building RESTful APIs using web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom and RSS with standard request parameters like defined in the OpenSocial Core API Spec. To build a more programmable and federated social web.

Lightweight MVC

PSX includes a simple MVC architecture with an fast routing mechanism and by default PHP as template engine. Using the autoloader defined by the php standard group.
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