pingpong 0.0.1

Django library that makes triggering emails easier
pingpong is a Python library to aimed at simplifying things thing that should be easy in Django.


 1. Install lib with pip:

pip install pingpong

- OR -

Put the "pingpong" directory somewhere in your python path

2. Add "pingpong" to your installed apps (in the file)

A better way to fire off emails

    from import render_to_email

    def some_function():

        template = "emails/"
        context = { "your_mom": "Betty Crocker", "muffin_type": "blueberry" }
        recipients = ['']

        # send an email!
        render_to_email(template, context, recipients)

And the template, `emails/` would be in your main templates folder:

    Delicious muffins thanks to {{ your_mom }}

    Hi friend,

    I'm writing to let you know that {{ your_mom }} made some superb
    {{ muffin_type }} muffins. Please tell her thank you!

    A Robot

The first non-blank line is the subject, everything following is the message.


    Delicious muffins thanks to Betty Crocker


    I'm writing to let you know that Betty Crocker made some superb
    blueberry muffins. Please tell her thank you!

    A Robot

Whitespace is stripped from the beginning and end of the message.

Passing system events to your app

set up listeners:


    from pingpong.utils import pong

    def email_admins_about_daily_activity(ping_name, args, kwargs, **kw):


    ... your models...

    import listeners

Then you trigger all functions listening to "dailycron" like so:

python pong dailycron

If you pass extra args to the management command they will get passed along...

python pong cachecleared memcache:38174

In this case we're letting the app know that memcache on port 38174 just got cleared.

    from pingpong.utils import pong

    def warm_up_cache(ping_name, args, kwargs, **kw):
        assert ping_name == "cachecleared"
        assert args[0] == "memcache:38174"

        cache_type, port = args[0].split(":")

last updated on:
July 12th, 2012, 12:32 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
James Robert
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