phpEquiMon 0.1.1

phpEquiMon is a PHP webapplication aimed at network administrators that need to keep track of equipment.

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GPL v3 
Chris Mandery
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phpEquiMon is a PHP webapplication aimed at network administrators that need to keep track of equipment. It allows multiple users to manage an inventory database for IP-based equipment. Available database fields include hostname, IP address, MAC address, "used by", location and many many more.

But phpEquiMon is much more than just a simple PHP gui to a database backend. The phpEquiMon project has gained quite some additional powerful features that make administator's life easier and allow everyone to keep track of the equipment status without technical knowhow.

Here are some key features of "phpEquiMon":

Manage your IP-based equipment (workstations, servers, managed switches, remote power switches etc.) in a database with advanced feature for large amounts of data (splits records over pages, record cloning, group editing, group deleting).
Allows the user to choose from various layout presets determining which table fields to display in which order and allows the user to design new table layouts and save them.
User/group system with no restriction on the number of possible users, groups or groups for a user to be a member of. No "special" admin user but a admin group which arbitrary user can be put into.
Online monitoring: Automatic periodical ping of all equipment to determine availability. If desired, you get an notification per mail if hosts go down.
Monitoring of managed machines via WBEM (requires server, e.g. OpenWBEM or OpenPegasus, running on target).
Integrated logging of all events like changes to database entries to a separate database table and integrated event viewer.
Consistency check for the database (compares IPs/MACs/architecture for the equipment from different sources, like the database, DHCP, DNS or so called monfiles and shows wrong entries in red).
Automatic fetching of user data (realname, mail address, telephone etc.) via LDAP.
Change PXE settings for machines and automatically update DHCP configuration files. Supports multiple remote DHCP/ PXE servers (accessed via a small PHP helper script)!
Boot "watchdog" for PXE booting: Disables PXE for a machine after one successful boot (useful for installing over PXE).
Wake on LAN with one click without external helper tools.
Vendor identification by MAC address (vendor data itself not provided due to copyright reasons but you can easily find the database with Google and use the shipped import script to get it into your database).
Automatic generation of rack maps for data centers.
Probing for free hostnames feature: Works by giving a prefix like serverXZY where XZY is replaced with the lowest available number above the set start that is neither in the database nor replies to pings.
Set expiration dates for machines and get notified per mail when they expire.
Ready-To-Run installation script.
Easily themeable (comes with one default theme).
100% free software (GPL) that does not require any non-free tool/lib.

What's New in This Release:

This is a bugfix release that does not contain big new features.
The database layout has not changed.

Last updated on October 7th, 2007

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