phpBB 3.1.2

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A BB-style discussion board (forum) written in PHP and backended by a MySQL database

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What's new in phpBB 3.1.2:

  • Today, we are publishing phpBB 3.1.2 in order to address over 30 discovered issues since the release of 3.1.0: a number of improvements as well as two minor security vulnerabilities that we identified ourselves. Please update your phpBB 3.1 installation as soon as possible.
  • We resolved problems with redirects to incorrect URLs following confirmation screens that we introduced with the security fix in 3.1.1. A large number of the bug fixes and improvements relate to the update process from phpBB 3.0 Olympus to 3.1 Ascraeus and we are confident that the process now works more smoothly for anyone looking to update.
  • Through specifically crafted requests with an XMLHttpRequest header it was possible to trigger an infinite loop in a phpBB routine which may end up consuming a large amount of resources on a server running phpBB 3.1.1. Further, once you installed an extension, its authors were able to load additional HTML in the extensions administration interface through the version check file which would only be exploitable by malicious extension authors. Independent of this particular problem we recommend you only install extensions made available in the extension database on as they go through a security audit by the extensions team before they are published.
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phpBB is one of the oldest and popular bulletin board projects on the Internet. It is an open source, fully scalable, very secure and highly customizable discussion board software, also known as forum among connoisseurs. phpBB is a web-based application that is independent of an operating system.

Features at a glance

Key features include a user-friendly interface, a simple and straightforward administration panel, a helpful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), support for many popular database servers, support for an unlimited number of topics and posts, support for private or public forums, a private messaging system, a notification system, an anti-spam system, complete customization with templates and support for multiple languages.

In addition, the software includes an advanced caching system, which includes database query caching, template caching and manually refresh cache functionality, the ability to control what users can see and access at all times, built-in search system that indexes everything, so users can easily find topics, posts or other users, as well as a powerful plugin architecture, which extends its default functionality and allows you to connect it with other apps.

Under the hood and availability

Being written in the PHP server-side scripting language, and supporting the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access/ODBC or MS-SQL database servers, phpBB is the ideal forum solution for all websites that want to please their community. It is available for download as a single archive that contains all the files needed for installing phpBB on a web server of choice (Apache and nginx are supported at the moment).

Not a GNU/Linux app

The fact of the matter is that phpBB is not a GNU/Linux application. It can run on top of a web server that is installed on top of a GNU/Linux distribution, but at its core is a web-based software that can be used from anywhere with a supported web browser.

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