nget 0.27.1

nget is a command line nntp file grabber.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Matthew Mueller
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
nget is a command line nntp file grabber. It automatically pieces together multipart postings for easy retrieval, even substituting parts from multiple servers. Handles disconnects and resuming very well.

nget is developed on linux (glibc2), and has been successfully compiled/tested
on: linux x86(gcc 2.95.4, gcc 3.0.4, gcc 3.2, gcc 3.3), linux alpha(gcc 2.95.2), macosx(gcc 2.95.2), freebsd x86(gcc 2.95.4, gcc 3.0.4), solaris sparc(gcc 2.95.2), win32(mingw or cygwin) and should compile without modifications on other systems using g++ 2.95+ or other up to date compliers. Older compilers like gcc 2.7.x can no longer build nget, but can (probably) still build ngetlite, so you can still use it to download on an older comp if you have a recent comp that you can use nget to write the listfiles on (-w option).

Here are some key features of "nget":

· Automatic multi-part post joining
· Automatic binary decoding (using uulib)
· Caches header data for quick access
· Full multi-server support, transparently joining parts from different servers
· Full multi-group support, transparently joining parts from multiple newsgroups
· Automatic retries on network errors
· Resumes after the last part successfully downloaded
· Dupe file detection to avoid unneeded downloads
· Select what to retrieve based upon a regular expresson (-r), or even a more complex expression (-R) based upon any of the file's subject, author, lines, bytes, # of parts we have, # of parts req, date, age, messageid, and references.
· Search for newsgroups based on their names and/or descriptions
· Automatic handling of PAR and PAR2 files retrieves only as many recovery files as necessary to repair any missing/damaged files.

What's New in This Release:

· Fix error in configure script when printing exceptions not found message, due to unquoted string. (Reported by M.J. Soft)
· Fix -G* when NGETCACHE != NGETHOME. (Reported by Steven Adeff)
· Fix midinfo and newsgroups files not honoring NGETCACHE/cachedir setting. (Reported by Christian Marillat)
· Allow absolute paths in --text=mbox:. (Requested by Volker Wysk)
· Support tab as the field separator in XPAT results, for Newsplex server support. (Requested by Mark Blain)
· -a no longer gives an error if the server doesn't support LIST NEWSGROUPS(which retrieves newsgroup descriptions.)
· Fix printing a warning when loading newsgroups list which contains descriptions of groups which no server actually carries. (Reported by Frederick Bruckman)
· Fix problems loading group descriptions from newsgroups list which contain tabs. (Reported by Frederick Bruckman)

Last updated on June 21st, 2006

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