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Automatically display and allow downloads of file on the web





myfiles is a PHP web application that serves as a way to automatically display and allow downloads (or authorized uploads) of files to any selected directory. It can keep counts and optionally record basic information regarding clients who download files. There are some global configuration controls and authorized rights for users who successfully login.

This application is in constant slow development. It has some quick-and-dirty functionality but is *NOT*:

* robust
* efficient
* robust
* flexible
* robust
* pretty
* robust
* secure
* windows friendly (it makes use of unix hidden "dot" files)

It IS:

* slow
* offers new and exciting ways to cause segfaults or permanent data loss
* creatively unattractive
* a single PHP file (on purpose)
* offers many ways to allow crackers to enter your system and render it a wasteland of hex code.

Developer comments

I strongly suggest that you restrict off access as the security with this application is terribly weak. Use ssl and .htaccess methods to protect your webserver.


Make a directory off of you docroot for these files
eg < docroot >/files

This application uses a hidden "dot" directory that should be writable by the web server "runas" user.

Put index.php and the hidden "dot" (./data) directory alond with its ./data/myfiles-config.php file  into that directory to "control it".

This application will use a subdirectory called .data/ to hold the configuration file, statistics and other files.
Last updated on January 19th, 2010

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