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myOpenID is a small, fairly lightweight, standalone, single-user Identity Provider for OpenID authentication.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
CJ Niemira
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myOpenID is a small, fairly lightweight, standalone, single-user Identity Provider for OpenID authentication. The project comprises a single PHP script that can be used by one individual to run their own personal OpenID "IdP."

The program requires no external libraries, and has very minimal requirements. It should run on almost any server that runs PHP 4 or 5. It requires no database, and does not access the file system beyond session handling.

What matters is that OpenID is a promising new technology, but from a user porint of view, it's a pain the butt to manage. When I wanted to actually, y'know, get an OpenID thingie of my own, I found there was no satisfactory way to make it happen. My options were to either download a complex set of libraries and build an application to handle serving up my identity, or to set up an account with a third party provider. Since I don't like bulky libraries, and I really don't like the idea of re-centralizing a decentralized framework through trusting someone else with my account credentials... I did what any good Geek would do. I made myself a third option: myOpenID.


myOpenID is a single user (though, if you were so inclined, you could easily turn it into a multi-user setup) IdP, or "Identity Provider" for the OpenID framework. It's a single PHP script with minimal dependancies. You don't need a database, you don't need to make your filesystem writable, you don't need to download any libraries, and you don't need to recompile PHP.

Okay, well, you shouldn't need to do any of that. Installation requires an MD5 hashing utility. Why? Because you have to authenticate to it using a password. myOpenID uses HTTP Digest authentication for security, and you set your password must be encrypted when the script is set up. For Linux or OSX, I suggest OpenSSL. For Windows, there are a number of utilities available. I suggest this one by Colin Plumb will do exactly what you need.

What's New in This Release:

Added support for PHP4, including a better mechanism for getting Digest authentication headers which should work with non-Apache servers
Added a (hidden) logout mode, usable by calling myOpenID.php?openid.mode=logout
Fixed a bug which occurred when associate mode was called and was unable to produce a secure key. Future queries from that handle would then fail check_authentication mode queries
The lifetime for a smart-mode client is now same as the default cache life of the session minus ten seconds, which should be just under three hours
Renamed the 'sha20' function to 'sha1_20' (to designate using 'sha1' to get a 20 byte hash)
Some code and debug cleanup

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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