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This is a utility package for installing Mozilla applications on various platforms




mozInstall is a Python package for installing Mozilla applications on various platforms.

For example, depending on the platform, Firefox can be distributed as a zip, tar.bz2, exe or dmg file or cloned from a repository. Mozinstall takes the hassle out of extracting and/or running these files and for convenience returns the full path to the application's binary in the install directory. In the case that mozinstall is invoked from the command line, the binary path will be printed to stdout.


For command line options run mozinstall --help

Mozinstall's main function is the install method

 import mozinstall mozinstall.install('path_to_install_file', dest='path_to_install_folder')

The dest parameter defaults to the directory in which the install file is located. The install method accepts a third parameter called apps which tells mozinstall which binary to search for. By default it will search for 'firefox', 'thunderbird' and 'fennec' so unless you are installing a different application, this parameter is unnecessary.

Error Handling

Mozinstall throws two different types of exceptions:

- mozinstall.InvalidSource is thrown when the source is not a recognized file type (zip, exe, tar.bz2, tar.gz, dmg)
- mozinstall.InstallError is thrown when the installation fails for any reason. A traceback is provided.
Last updated on July 20th, 2012

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