mod_xmlns 0.97

mod_xmlns Apache module adds XML namespace support to publishing with Apache.
mod_xmlns Apache module adds XML namespace support to publishing with Apache.

mod_xmlns adds XML Namespace support to Apache, and may form the basis of XML-driven publishing systems. It runs as an output filter, so it works automatically with any content generator.

From Version 0.9 (May 1st 2004) it has moved from experimental prototype to provisionally stable (i.e. there's nothing that is known to need changing before it can be declared stable). This hasn't entirely held, as the API has had to be updated. Now the API is shared with mod_publisher, and is being documented.

The basic API for Namespace implementations is:

Create event handlers for your namespace.
Declare your handlers in a struct xmlns.
Make it available to mod_xmlns using ap_register_provider with provider_group=xmlns, provider_name=your_namespace and your choice of version string (see the XMLNSUseNamespace directive).

Directives implemented by mod_xmlns


Syntax: XMLNSUseNamespace URI [on|off] [version]
Activates or deactivates processing for namespace URI, using the processor defined in the version paramater.


Syntax: XMLNSDefaultNamespace URI
Sets a URI to use as default namespace (for un-namespaced elements).


Syntax: XMLNSCommentHandlers on|off
Turns on or off comment handlers defined in namespace implementations. Default is On.


Syntax: XMLNSCommentRemove on|off
Determines whether to strip comments that are not processed by any namespace handler. Default is to pass comments through intact.


mod_xmlns is a minimalist SAX parser, and has no support for DTDs and external entities, nor does it offer much scope for sanity checks on markup being processed. A compatible but richer companion module mod_publisher is in development.

last updated on:
April 5th, 2006, 19:41 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Nick Kew
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