mod_trace_output 1.1 Beta

mod_trace_output is an Apache plugin implementing server monitoring for output Web pages.

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The Apache License 
Gerard Materna
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mod_trace_output is an Apache plugin implementing server monitoring for output Web pages.

mod_trace_output is part of the WASA application developed by Jean-Pierre Norguet. WASA aims to analyse the semantic content viewed by a Web site visitors. Such analysis not only needs to log urls, but also actual content seen by the visitors.
The mission of mod_trace_output is to supply the WASA application with the content of dynamic web pages. The problem is that dynamic content is generated in real-time. Furthermore, with new programming techniques using XML and CSS/XSLT, there is nearly no semantic content left in the pages. The content therefore needs to be stored after it is generated.

Server monitoring compares with network monitoring. Network monitoring mines the output Web pages on the network wire. A network monitor could be implemented on the basis of a network packet capture library like ethereal. The implementation would listen to the network, get TCP-IP packets, rebuild the TCP streams, and extract HTML data from the HTTP protocol.


In previous version, mod_trace_output had no handler for the fixup phase, so the module needed to be executed first, but this is not a requirement anymore.
I'll give the installation steps if you compile mod_trace_output statically with Apache. But you can also use DSO and apxs to compile it out of Apache.

Here we go. Create a directory mod_trace_output in the modules directory of the source distribution of apache, copy all the files provided in the mod_trace_output release (mod_trace_output.c, mod_trace_output.h, filter.c, gzipcomp.c, mysql.c and MakeFile.tmpl), then add the following line in the configuration file.

AddModule modules/mod_trace_output/mod_trace_output.o
It uses libmysqlclient (.a or .so) so you need to set extra options in the Configuration file.

Add -L/path/to/libmysqlclient/folder -lz -lmysqlclient (if you have or -L/path/to/libmysqlclient/folder/libmysqlclient.a (if you have libmysqlclient.a) to EXTRA_LDFLAGS.

Add -I/path/to/mysql/include to EXTRA_INCLUDES.

Last updated on April 20th, 2006


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