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mod_auth_ora8 is an Oracle Authentication Module.
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Ben Reser
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mod_auth_ora8 is an Oracle Authentication Module.

I wrote this module because currently there is no module to do this. You can do it with mod_perl and the DBI interfaces therein. However, copiling in a copy of Perl seems like a bit of an overkill just for a simple authentication routine such as this.

This Module is largely based on the mod_auth_msql module and as a result all of it's copyright appears below. I'm releasing this code under the same licensing agreements as is set forth above in the orignal Apache Group license.

For the most recent information on this module please look at:


This module allows access control using the commercial Oracle8 database.

An example table could be:

create table user_records (
user_id varchar2(32) primary key,
passwd varchar2(32),
grp varchar2(32)

The user_id can be as long as desired; however some of the popular web browsers truncate, or stop the user from entering names longer than 32 characters. Furthermore the 'crypt' function on your platform might impose further limits. Also use of the 'require users uid [uid..]' directive in the access.conf file, where the user ids are separated by spaces can possibly prohibit the use of spaces in your user-names. Also, not the MAX_FIELD_LEN define somewhere below.

To use the above, the following example could be in your access.conf file. Also there is a more elaborate description afther this example.

Last updated on May 25th, 2006


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