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Simple CMS app for Django which supports i18n




minicms is simple CMS app for Django that supports i18n in some extent and markdown WYSIWYG editor inside admin.


Minicms should be installed using pip:

pip install minicms


 'minicms', 'django_markdown' and 'django.contrib.markup' should be in your INSTALLED_APPS


- Add 'dango_markdown' urls to base urls

 url('^markdown/', include('django_markdown.urls'))

- Add 'minicms' urlpattern to base urls and specify view function

 ('^cms/(.+)/', 'minicms.views.show_page', name='minicms')

- Of course, you may don't use any prefix at all. Just put below code at the end of urlpatterns:

 ('^(.+)/', 'minicms.views.show_page', name='minicms')

- Create template 'minicms/default.html' somewhere Django can find it

- Sync your database using syncdb

Use minicms

The main idea of minicms is that you want to have same content for each language. I. e. page in one language must be (or desirable to be) available in other language. If it isn't available, pages in default language will be showed to user. If it isn't available even for default language, minicms will try to show page in any other language or raise 404 (Not Found) exception if didn't find anything.

So, user will always see any of available pages even if it isn't available in his language. Similar to how Django translation works.

Each Page object have following attributes:

- name - identifier of a Page, must be unique withing language
- lang - in what language Page is written
- title - title of a Page
- content - content of a Page in markdown format

name and lang attributes must be unique together.

Minicms use 'minicms/default.html' template, and pass to it two context variables: page that represents current Page object and menu that a list of all available unique pages. So just create this template and work with this variables within it.

Since minicms use markdown as markup language, within template you should load markup template library:

{% load markup %}

and pass page content through markdown template filter:

{{ page.content|markdown }}
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