médiArchiver 0.4

médiArchiver provides a Web-based media archiver.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Guillaume Bour
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
médiArchiver provides a Web-based media archiver.

It can be used to store all sorts of media, with an emphasis on providing the most information about each file through accessing information tags such as EXIF.

You can use it to catalog you stacks of Audio CDs, MP3^M^M^MOggs, CDRoms, DVDs, and also your USB key, PDA, hard-drive directories, ...

Yes, there is a lot of cataloguers: gtktalog, fas, discDB, aarchives, ...

Until now, I used Gtktalog, but it's really too slow with large databases (note that I have an old PII 233, maybe this explain that). So I wrote mine.

Here are some key features of "médiArchiver":

ˇ fast informations retrieving
ˇ storage of files méta-datas (songs title/author/album, but also images exif tags, and much more others. Furthermore, it is highly adaptable into source files)
ˇ you can share you catalogs with you friends through the web

médiArchiver is entirely written in Perl (what a tremendous language :), but make (temporary) use of external programs.

Note that collected datas are stored in a MySQL Database.

.you retrieve datas from médias using a CLI interface
.you browse stored informations into your favorite browser (a lightweight web server come with médiArchiver, so you don't need to install Apache on your personal station :)


ˇ Perl
ˇ HTML::Mason
ˇ which
ˇ file

What's New in This Release:

ˇ pdf file meta-datas extraction is done by an internal PDF module (MetaData::Pdf), replacing the external program 'pdfinfo'.
ˇ you can now use m�iArchiver with apache
ˇ use escapeHTML on item string metadatas
ˇ get new meta-datas for pdf documents (page layout, page size, orientation, ...)
ˇ given filenames (webserver log file, sqlite db) if relatives, are now relatives to the configuration file
ˇ the external program 'pdfinfo' is no more required
ˇ newly perl module required: 'CGI'

Last updated on March 21st, 2007

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