jGossip 1.0

jGossip is simple and powerful forum (message board) software implemented on J2EE platform.

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MPL (Mozilla Public License) 
Dmitry Belov
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
jGossip is simple and powerful forum (message board) software implemented on J2EE platform.It is using Struts framework.
Features of jgossip:

P planned
I implemented
R - released
D development in progress
C - cancelled
F - deferred

(R) Different environments.
Tested platforms include: Apache with Tomcat 4.1 , Jetty 4.2,SunOne 7.0
(R) Fully validated user input
(R) Powerful and extensive authorisation system
(R) Auto Login for easy login of users
(R) Strong encryption to keep passwords safe in the database
(R) Support for both cookie and URI-based sessions
(R) Unlimited forums can be organised into as many categories as you like
(R) New posts flag to identify new messages
(D) Private forums and those only for specified user groups
(R) Powerful search facility
(P) Automatic URL linking in posts
(R) Support of standard and extended BBCode tags in posts
(P) Polls
(R) Email notification of replies to topics
(R) Powerful topic subscription capability
(R) Emotions(Smiles) in posts
(P) Popular Discussions (Users can view the most popular topics from the main forum page).
(P) User Defined Bookmark for topics
(D) Internationalization (i18n) Support
(R) Forum, user and group permission management
(R) Moderation, so you can delegate the content moderation to a specific user
(R) Audit Logging in to database. Browse of audit logs by web interface.
(D) Control forum access to specified user groups
(R) Unlimited members
(R) Personal profile creation
(R) Post counting ranks for users
(P) Email-like private messaging system
(R) Supports avatars
(R) File attachment with posts
(R) Delete/move/lock/unlock of topics
(R) Delete single posts
(P) Move of posts
(P) Topic splitting
(P) Word censoring
(R) Extensive ban management, ban by email address, username or single/multiple IP address or hostname
(R) IP tracking of posts and posters
(R) Mass emailing of groups and users by the administrator
(P) Multiple styles available for the user to choose from

Last updated on June 24th, 2006

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