jFramework 3.1.22

Aimple PHP framework which requires no installation
jFramework is a simple PHP framework which requires no installation, the only thing needed to actually use it is to copy its folder to your web server.. jFramework evolves around simplicity, yet extensibility. It supports 10 Service schemes, MVC or non MVC programming patterns, Procedural, OOP or SOP methods, and is developed by security experts. jFramework also has a few libraries handling common web application and enterprise web application needs, and a wide variety of plug-ins usable for different needs.

The learning curve to jFramework is quite fast. Deployment takes less than 20 minutes and the code is well documented. It's also mature and have been used in many stressful web applications till today.

Main features:

  • jFramework is simple, Simple, and simple. There's nothing in the core that can be removed by any mean. Everything else is plug-ins.
  • Highly Scalable. distributed data centres and even application logic. High interoperability. Many plug-ins and support for all available PHP code out there.
  • Flexible When we talk about SOP, OOP and functional programming support, 10 service and messaging protocols, MVC and non-MVC pattern, We mean flexibility.
  • Security jFramework was developed with security as one of the main goals of every nowadays web application. Security best practices are put into jFramework, as a result of long-time security experience.
  • Open Source! jFramework is truly open source software. There are no strict license obligations. It's also solely made up of source-code files. There's just one folder of code you need to move everywhere, With a few changes to the code as deployment!
  • Portable jFramework is server-side, so portable. jFramework is coded using PHP and works upon Apache, both which are portable and free. jFramework interacts successfully with .NET or J2EE systems. jFramework has no strict requirements except for mod_rewrite (and mysqli extension for MySQL DBAL Wrapper)
  • Customisable Everything with a possibility of change has been made changeable in jFramework, With enough creativity to prevent more consumption of memory or any other resources. Constant string, database table and field names, and everything else can be changed easily.
  • Maintainable, Fast! You need to maintain distributed servers? You need to maintain PathPatterning? You need to maintain a whole lot of plug-ins? Fine! Do it in your application configs section. What if you don't? Nothing. Everything works perfect.
  • Mature, really! Maturity might seem the most important feature of a framework. jFramework Core is pretty mature. It's been tested in practical tense applications and situations jFramework plug-ins are tested thoroughly as well, But won't harm anything if fail. It also uses many of well known codes as plug-ins to prevent re-invention of the wheel.
  • Adaptable! jFramework Service Core enables you to use and code many adapters which allow your web application to interact with many popular web applications, Such as MediaWiki, MyBB, phpBB, Joomla and so on. Your users neither need to create accounts on those nor to login when needing to use them.
  • No particular pattern No magical coding convention, no namespaces, no static object (well there are a few that you can define!) and no predefined variables. Only $this or $this->App would be your gateway to the whole framework features. Constants also have "jF_" as their prefixes, So nothing is messed up.

last updated on:
April 21st, 2011, 7:55 GMT
license type:
LGPL v2 (GNU Lesser General Public Lic... 
developed by:
The jFramework Team
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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What's New in This Release:
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements were made.
  • Many more plugins were added.
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