ipaportal 0.2.1

ipaportal is a web-based front-end for querying an IPA catalog.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Tony Cebzanov
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
ipaportal is a web-based front-end for querying an IPA catalog.


Apache httpd version 2.2 or later
mod_python version 3.1 or later with support for Python Server Pages
One of the following PostgreSQL drivers: psycopg2, psycopg, or pgdb

An IPA data store is also required. Instructions and schema files for creating this data store are available in the libipa distribution, which you can get from http://tools.netsa.cert.org/ipa


These instructions assume that all software dependencies outlined in the README document are installed, including a PostgreSQL server with an IPA data store.

1. Extract the portal archive to a temporary directory. This directory will be referred to as $DISTDIR throughout the rest of this document.

2. As a super-user, change into $DISTDIR and install the IPA Portal modules:

# python setup.py install

3. Choose a location to hold the IPA portal configuration file. This file will contain database credentials for accessing the IPA data store, so it is best to not place it in a location that can be served by Apache. This file must be named ipaportal.conf. By default, the IPA modules will look for this file in /etc, but you can put the file in any location you wish, provided you provide that location in the Apache configuration (see the next step for details.)

4. Choose a location on the portal web server to hold the IPA portal pages, and copy the contents of $DISTDIR/htdocs to that location.

# mkdir /opt/local/apache2/htdocs/portal
# cp -r $DISTDIR/htdocs/* /path/to/apache/htdocs/ipaportal

5. Configure Apache to use the mod_psp handler for pages in the directory created in the previous step. A sample configuration file, httpd-ipaportal.conf.sample, has been provided. You will need to change the < Location > directive in this file if you have installed the IPA pages to a location other than /ipaportal. If you placed the configuration file from step 3 in a location other than /etc, you'll need to modify the PythonOption line to include that path. Restart Apache for the configuration changes to take effect.

6. At this point, you should be able to browse to the URL for the portal pages. This URL depends on your configuration, but will generally be something like:


You should then be able to query the IPA database by typing IP addresses into the text box.


If you see the portal code itself displayed in your browser instead of the HTML output, there is likely a problem with your Apache configuration. Check that the portal directory matches the directive in Apache config, and that the mod_python handler is active for PSP files.

If you get a message in your browser that the IPA configuration file can't be found, check that thw location of the ipaportal.conf file matches the location specified in the ipa.portal.conf_dir option in your Apache configuration. Also check that the conf file is readable by the user id of the Apache httpd process.

Last updated on April 9th, 2008

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