iBATIS 2.3.0

iBATIS provides flexible means of moving data between your Java and .NET objects and a relationaldatabase.

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iBATIS project provides a very simple and flexible means of moving data between your Java and .NET objects and a relationaldatabase. Use the full power of real SQL without a single line of JDBC or ADO.NET code!

The Data Mapper framework (a.k.a. SQL Maps) will help to significantly reduce the amount of Java and .NET code that is normally neededto access a relational database. This framework maps classes to SQL statements using a very simple XML descriptor. Simplicity is the biggest advantage of iBATIS over other frameworks and object relational mapping tools.

To use iBATIS you need only be familiar with your own application domain objects (basic JavaBeans or .NET classes), XML, and SQL. There is very little else to learn. There is no complex scheme required to join tables or execute complex queries. Using iBATIS you have the full power of real SQL at your fingertips. The iBATIS Data Mapper framework can map nearly any database to any object model and is very tolerant of legacy designs, or even bad designs. This is all achieved without special database tables, peer objects or code generation.

iBATIS Data Access Objects

iBATIS Data Access Objects is an abstraction layer that hides the details of your persistence solution and provides a common API to therest of your application.
When developing robust Java and .NET applications, it is often a good idea to isolate the specifics of your persistence implementationbehind a common API. Data Access Objects allow you to create simple components that provide access to your data withoutrevealing the specifics of the implementation to the rest of your application.

Using DAOs you can allow your application tobe dynamically configured to use different persistence mechanisms. If you have a complex application with a number of differentdatabases and persistence approaches involved, DAOs can help you create a consistent API for the rest of your application.

For Java users, the Data Access Objects framework is bundled as part of the iBATIS Database Layer, which includes the SQL Maps Framework. Although packaged together, the DAO Framework is completely independent and can be used without SQL Maps. .NET users can download the DataAccess framework seperately from the DataMapper framework.

Last updated on January 10th, 2007

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