A wrapper for the Zope testrunner providing email support, HTML generation and RSS support

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Andreas Jung
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haufe.testrunner is a Python wrapper around the standard Zope 2 testrunner (usually started using "zopectl test...". haufe.testrunner is designed to run regular tests for different Zope configurations or sandboxes. It supports a configurable testing environment, reporting in plain text or HTML, email notifications and RSS. haufe.testrunner is basically designed to be run through cron in order to test ongoing projects (continues integration).


haufe.testrunner is available directly from the HaufeComponents repository:

svn co svn+ssh://svn.haufe.de/VCS/svnrep/svnep/HaufeComponents/haufe.testrunner/trunk haufe.testrunner
python2.4 setup.py install

or by easy_install'ing directly from the repository:

easy_install svn+ssh://svn.haufe.de/VCS/svnrep/svnep/HaufeComponents/haufe.testrunner/trunk haufe.testrunner

or it can be installed from an existing egg using easy_install:

easy_install haufe.runner-x.y.z.egg

Ensure that your PYTHONPATH is set properly and included $SOFTWARE_HOME/lib/python (in order to import zope.component and other Zope 3 related modules properly)

Using haufe.testrunner

haufe.testrunner will install a command-line skript htr. htr requires a configuration file that defines your testing environment.



# Path to instance home of sandbox

# unique string for the sandbox (used for mail, reports)

# comma-seperated list of products or packages to be tested
packages = Products.PageTemplates,

# comma-seperated list of email addresses to send positive emails

# comma-seperated list of email addresses to send negative emails

# Base URL of the webserver pointing to your sandbox

# run testrunner with coverage option (optional, default: no coverage)
coverage = 1

# sender email address
sender_address = noreply@foo.org

# Database DSN
dsn = postgres://user:password@host/dbname

# optional support for integration tests:
# (the test_suite() method must check the environment variable
integration_tests = 1

# optional name for zope start script default ist set to 'zopectl`

# optional paramter to set test options
#runner_options=-s -a

# For Selenium tests (optional) we use a dedicated [selenium] section

# hostname where the Selenium RC server is running
testrunner_host = hostname

# port number of the Selenium RC server
testrunner_port = 4444

# instance_url - the given URL is exposed to selenium testcases derived
# from haufe.selenium.SeleniumTestcase as self.instance_url. This allows
# you to run Selenium tests against different remote servers
instance_url = http://zopedev2:16180

# For integration tests we can run the tests against an existing ZEO server
# instead of using DemoStorage
host = zopedev2
port = 22222

Start haufe.testrunner using:

htr --conf /path/to/yourconfig

The optional options --mail and --rss control the generation of mail notifications and a RSS feed. If you specify --update then haufe.testrunner will update your Products, lib/python and Base directory before running the tests.

--clean will remove directories with testrunner logs that are older than one week

--db will save all results within a database (see below)

Database integration:

All results can be optionally stored within a relational database (for external reporting, RSS feeds, webfrontend etc.).

Creating the database:

htr_bootstrap -dt

The database must be specified using the environment variable TESTING_DSN, e.g.:

export TESTING_DSN=postgres://username:password@dbhost/TestrunnerDB

For storing the results within the database pass the --db option to the htr script.

The DSN can also specified using the 'dsn' option within the configuration file (see above).

You need to create the database first by calling the htr_bootstrap script first (see above).

Last updated on January 12th, 2011


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