gidooCMS 1.1

A Java CMS for Java developers using the Wicket framework

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What's new in gidooCMS 1.1:

  • This is mainly a bugfix release.
  • The most important bug that was fixed was #502410, which caused problems when publishing resources and closing the session.
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The Apache License 2.0 
Thomas Krause
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12 gidooCMS Screenshots:
gidooCMS - We should do something useful, but first we have to login.gidooCMS - Now as an administrator we can add "sections": these are used to manage the user rights for a whole range of pages.gidooCMS - We should add a new user as well.gidooCMS - When the user is created we can assign him rights to edit or publish pages in certain sections.gidooCMS - Let's view the XML-code of some existing pages.gidooCMS - Since we are an editor we should also edit something, but we will have to wait until a publisher will accept the changes.gidooCMS - We can have a preview of the current edited page.gidooCMS - Setting the order of pages, adding sub-pages, moving or renaming pages is done here:gidooCMS - Every page can have resources (files) which also the editors are responsible for.gidooCMS - Now it is time to publish our changes as our role as publisher.gidooCMS - I implemented a simple diff-viewer which helps the publisher to check what has changed.gidooCMS - Did you changed something at 3 AM? Was it something stupid? Restore the old version!
gidooCMS is a kind of framework for CMS (Content Management System) systems based on Apache Wicket. You have the basic features of an CMS, but you add you own functionality by extending Java-classes. E.g. you will write the code for creating a menu by yourself directly in Java. Currently we use Apache Jackrabbit as persistance engine.

Last updated on January 17th, 2010

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