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gatling is a high-performance HTTP and FTP server.




gatling is a high-performance HTTP and FTP server. It is small, fast, and scalable, and uses platform-specific performance and scalability APIs.

It supports connection keep-alive, el-cheapo virtual domains (similar to thttpd), IPv6, and Content-Range (not the full specs, just a-b or a-byte ranges).

Here are some key features of "gatling":

· Small! (100k static Linux-x86 binary with HTTP and FTP support)
· Fast! (measure for yourself, please)
· Scalable! (see this document, measured using tools that are included in the gatling distribution.
· Uses platform-specific performance and scalability APIs on Linux 2.4, Linux 2.6, NetBSD current (2.0+), FreeBSD 4+, OpenBSD 3.4+, Solaris 9+, AIX 5L, IRIX 6.5+, MacOS X Panther+, HP-UX 11+
· connection keep-alive
· el-cheapo virtual domains (similar to thttpd)
· IPv6 support
· Content-Range (not the full specs, just a-b or a- byte ranges)
· transparent content negotiation (will serve foo.html.gz if foo.html was asked for and browser indicates it understands deflate)
· With optional directory index generation
· Will only serve world readable files (so you don't export files accidentally)
· Supports FTP and FTP upload as well (upload only to world writable directories and the files won't be downloadable unless you chmod a+r them manually)
· CGI support for HTTP
· El-cheapo .htaccess support (see README.htaccess)
· Quick-and-dirty SSL/TLS support (see README.tls)

What's New in This Release:

· A pipelining bug was fixed.
· HTTP headers are now sent to CGIs as HTTP_FOO=bar environment variables.
· Cleanups were made for GCC 4.
· Temporary fallback redirects were added.
· CGI slaves are now only forked if the -C option is given on the command line.
· IRIX compatibility was established.
Last updated on November 9th, 2005

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