force-preview 1.0

force-preview plugin helps reduce comment spam on a Movable Type blog.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Chip Rosenthal
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force-preview plugin helps reduce comment spam on a Movable Type blog. When enabled, commenters are required to preview their comment before posting. (See README file for complete description and installation directions.)

Here is what's good about this plug-in:
It is extremely effective against comment spamming 'bots—the most common method used by comment spammers.
Unlike most anti-spam methods (such as registration or captcha), forced comment preview doesn't burden your commenters. Your commenters probably won't even notice: they'll just click the "preview" button automatically.
And who knows, maybe the quality of the comment on your blog will improve now that people will have to preview before posting.

Here is what's bad about this plug-in:
Installation requires a small change to your Movable Type installation. It's in the form of a patch, which most Unix/Linux administrators know how to handle.
Once installed, you need to enable it individually for each blog that should be protected. It will require a tweak to your comment preview template. This isn't too bad if your site runs just one blog. This will be a pain in the ass if you run dozens.
Finally, while this plugin is extremely effective against comment spam, it does nothing to reduce trackback spam.


In this part, you will load the Force Preview plugin into the Movable Type installation. When complete, you will be able to activate the plugin for whichever blogs you want.
These instructions assume you have installed Movable Type on a Unix/Linux type server and have access to a shell.

First, unbundle the package tarball into the base of your Movable Type installation. For example:

# cd /path/to/MT-3.2-en_US
# tar -xvz -f force-preview-1.xx.tar.gz

This will create the following files:

plugins/force-preview/README.html - This document.
plugins/force-preview/ - The plugin.
plugins/force-preview/force-preview.patch - Patch to MT installation (see below).
plugins/force-preview/optional-templates.patch - Optional patch to default templates (see below).

Next, apply the included patch, using the Unix patch(1) utility:

# patch -N -p0 < plugins/force-preview/force-preview.patch

The patch will make a small change to the Movable Type comment posting module (lib/MT/App/ to perform Force Preview checking on blogs that have enabled it.

You should now be able to log into the management interface of the blog and see that the Force Preview plugin is installed. But don't activate it yet, though. That part comes next.

Last updated on November 20th, 2006

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