eZ region 1.1.4

eZ region provides updated eZpublish modules that provide Regions/States.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Graham Brookins
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eZ region provides updated eZpublish modules that provide Regions/States.

eZ region is a PHP class and an updated set of eZ publish modules that provide support for regions or states to eZ publish's eZ address and eZ user modules.

eZ region is not a killer app, but it made eZ publish one for me!

eZ region provides a lookup table of what some
call regions or states, depending on the country.

eZ region is an added dependacy to eZ address.
eZ region was based off the eZ country module.
eZ regions are each associated with an eZ country.
eZ region design is dependant on the eZ address and eZ country modules.

eZ region can be used in at least the following ways:

Default - Providing ezuser/user/userwithaddress with a region or stat list.
Requiring only eZ address, and eZ user .

Trade - Providing eztrade/user with a region list included in the trade transaction.
Requiring eZ address, eZ user and eZ trade.

Note: eZ region 1.1.4 does not contain the eZ trade user
functions to meet the trade use dependancy, though future releases (1.1.5) will.

International Regions / States:

eZ region can be used to support non-US States.

Only states from the United States of America are included in eZ region 1.1.4.
Regions from any country can be used in conjunction with U.S. states.

The missing dependancy for other regions is a list of
South American and European regions and some sql additions.

All countries have regions in some fashion or style.
A fair amount of North America has states. Other countries
Canada, Mexico, South & Central America & Europe use other names to lable their regions.

Users from other countries can use eZ region by populating
the eZAddress_Region table with a list of regions/states/provinces associated to their country's ez country ID.

Note: International users feel free to contact me regarding,
including your country's regions in eZ region.


eZ publish

What's New in This Release:

Removed Comments.
Added Revision Numbers
Added Licence, README, INSTALL Documenation

Last updated on April 5th, 2007

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