eXtreme Project Management Tool 0.8

eXtreme Project Management Tool offers a project management tool using eXtreme Programming principles.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Xpmt Team
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eXtreme Project Management TooleXtreme Project Management TooleXtreme Project Management Tool
eXtreme Project Management Tool offers a project management tool using eXtreme Programming principles.

Here are some key features of "eXtreme Project Management Tool":

Time planning
Release planning
Iteration planning
Resource planning
Acquisition planning
Work planning
Story planning
Task planning
Change Request management
Iteration tracking
Release tracking
Time booking
User administration
Integration of WikkaWikki

What's New in This Release:

created generic support for created_date, changed_date and change_user
1281954: Add onClick support on foreign key selection icon
1283346: Add feature to manage companies
Work view: added actions to manage crs and todos in work view (BUG 1290425)
1292045: Work view: Show iteration end date
1285021: Work view: colorize tasks per user
1283260: Work view: Add edit task action
1280318: Work view: Add action to reassign task to other user
1280330: Work view: Add 'show all tasks' action
1293664: Release planning: mark stories already planned in previous iterations
1280313: Work view doesn't show correct task
1280331: Calculation of Task estimate total doesn't work
1279557: Move risk and priority to popup
1279092: Menupopup doesn't move if scrolling
1279547: Escape JavaScript popup
1280312: Move PlanningGroups link
1280320: Support time booking for pair
1279553: Close actionmenu on popup
1279095: Projects without release aren't shown in release planning
1283271: Javascript error for category selection in project creation
1283337: Order by surname
1283334: Can't add contact due to error in company selection
1285019: Remove actions from not owned tasks
1285636: Enhanced progress calculation
1290355: Wrong resource calculation
Catched failure on double click in navigation
1293667: iteration end date is reset on starting
1293672: Add default iteration end date
1292277: The session timeout is not handled
1293771: Remove actions from stories already planned

Last updated on February 14th, 2007

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