eXtended Server Pages (XSP/XSPD)

eXtended Server Pages (XSP/XSPD) is a high performance Web application server for C/C++, Java and Shell-Scripts.

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Open Software License 
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Joachim Schulze
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
eXtended Server Pages (XSP/XSPD) is a high performance Web application server for C/C++, Java and Shell-Scripts.

The program package "eXtended Server Pages" (XSP/XSPD) contains an application server which was designed and developed with the following points of view:

• high performance (about 2500-3000 requests per seconds ⇒ overhead typical less than 0.4 msec/request), resulting to be one of the most fastest application server
• high throughput (up to 100 MByte),
• less usage of cpu and system power
• implementation of application programs with C-code, Java-code and last but not least shell based application programs
• easy application program development with usage of customer defined and developed C-libraries (e.g. for database access, host access)
• UNIX/LINUX based operating system
• development of application programs like JSP's (Java Server Pages) with tags producing inline code based on C/C++, Java or awk
• full session handling

Additional the eXtended Server Pages are supporting:

• UNIX shell-script based application programs (which can act together with C- and Java-application programs within the same session)
• Java-application programs within the same session can use different Java-VM runtime environments
• semaphore operations to control access by concurrent sessions with an autotimeout option
• guarantee of managing database operations by the same application process when accessing by several succeeding HTML pages (supporting full database transactions, e.g. open a database record for updating by the first HTML page and committing it by the following HTML page, of course with an autotimeout option which does the rollback)
• preforking of application programs to avoid time expensive initialization like database connects and to guarantee a good response time to user requests (same effect like database connect pools at Java based application servers but faster)
• additional security features like changing of the session id by each http-request, avoiding concurrent access to session context by parallel http-requests with the same session id

Supported Unix/Linux Systems:

• Red Hat 8.0
• Fedora FC6
• Fedora FC3
• Reliant Unix 5.45
• SunOS 5.9 (SUN/Solaris Version 9, 32/64 bit)
• NetBSD 2.1 (under development by Kenneth Freidank)


· Apache

What's New in This Release:

· Cookie Support and Session Handling by Cookies
· Supporting AIX
· Supporting Java JDK 1.6

Last updated on November 16th, 2007

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