djb.headerproxy 0.1.1

Paste proxies with the ability to proxy to a location based upon an incoming header
djb.headerproxy is a simple package that extends the proxy object within Paste to allow the WSGI proxy to read its connection location from arbitrary headers. It will keep all other headers (including Host: intact during transit); you may or may not need to adjust what you're doing upstream accordingly.


By default, the proxy will read the host to connect to from the X-Proxy-Force-Host header and read the connection scheme from X-Proxy-Force-Scheme.

You can override these using relevant configuration like follows. Keep in mind that at time of proxy, we're reading headers from the environ dictionary, so specify your headers in this manner. For instance, X-Proxy-Foobar will become visible in the environ dict as HTTP_PROXY_FOOBAR (noting dashes to underscores, and replacement of X with HTTP). You can make this mapping happen thusly:

use = egg:djb.headerproxy#header_proxy

The above example is overly verbose, however, as we already default to using these specific headers.


If unprotected, this WSGI middleware could be used as an open proxy since headers can easily be spoofed. You should take steps to either firewall off your application, drop headers at an upstream web server, run this as a local socket, or do something similar (or all of the above!).

You've been warned.

Source code

Available on GitHub at - fork away!

last updated on:
August 17th, 2012, 23:59 GMT
developed by:
David Beitey
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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What's New in This Release:
  • Add a main entry point as well - this is just an alias to the same proxy app. [davidjb]
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