djangohelpers 0.13

A collection of useful middleware, template tags, etc
The djangohelpers package is a collection of useful middleware, template tags, etc.


console scripts


 A small script to output a new template tag to stdout, with human readable
 phrases encouraged. Inspired by the nice prepositions in django-tagging's
 template tags.

 If djangohelpers is installed with ``, a `maketemplatetag` script
 will be provided. Otherwise, it can also be invoked directly with
 `python djangohelpers/`.

 Run `python djangohelpers/` for usage information.



 If enabled, it will intercept requests with a querystring key `delete`.
 GET requests will result in a confirmation form, and POST requests will
 have their REQUEST_METHOD set to DELETE.

view decorators


   @allow_http("GET", "DELETE")
   def my_view(request, ...)

 Requests with an allowed REQUEST_METHOD will be passed through untouched,
 and all other requests will return HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed.


   def my_view(request, ...)

 If your view function returns a dict, it will be treated as a template context
 and the template foo/bar.html will be rendered and returned.  If your view
 function returns anything besides a dict, its response will be passed through

 An optional mimetype parameter is also supported:

   @rendered_with('foo/bar.json', mimetype='application/json')
   def my_view(request, ...)

template tags


 A small collection of template tags and filters:

 {% replace_value of 'b' with 7 in my_dict as new_dict %}

 {{my_dict|qsify}} # converts a dict into a query string



Originally developed at the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching & Learning.

last updated on:
December 28th, 2011, 13:09 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Ethan Jucovy
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