django-wysiwyg 0.4.1

Easily converting HTML < textarea >s into rich HTML editors
django-wysiwyg is a Django app for easily converting HTML < textarea >s into rich HTML editors that meet US Government 508/WAC standards. This application has been demonstrated to work just fine with django-uni-form (

Currently this works as a template tag. We did it this way because control of how editing works is arguably a template issue (i.e. presentation) and not a forms/model issue (i.e. control).

YUI is the default editor due to familiarity, accessiblity and the fact that it's possible to run with entirely off of Yahoo's CDN, avoiding the need to maintain any local resources. CKEditor can be used but will require you to install the CKEditor files in MEDIA_URL/ckeditor (see below).

If you want to contribute to django-wysiwyg, please do so from the repository at

Note: This may be obvious, but this only works on Textareasa (models.TextField) and not simple character fields.

last updated on:
December 14th, 2011, 22:25 GMT
developed by:
Daniel Greenfeld and Chris Adams
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
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