django-vendors 0.2-0

A simple Django application for managing vendors at a farmers' market

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BSD License 
Colin Powell
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django-vendors is a Django application for managing vendors at a farmer's, or other kind of, market.

Handles most of the common workflows for a market, such as managing vendor registrations, making sure all vendors have completed a check list before they show up on market day #1, and communicating the status of applications to the respective vendors.


Narrative: When a market is gearing up for the season, the market manager adds a new MARKET. The market stipulates a start and end date, possibly a registration cut-off date, a location, and a recurrence pattern (every Thurs., for example).

New vendors register for an account on the website and are then prompted to complete an APPLICATION, if there is a MARKET with an open registration period.

Upon completion of the APPLICATION, the market manager is emailed, notifying them that someone has submitted an application. They can then review the application, print a paper-friendly version of the vendors description of their business and desire to be a part of the market. At this stage, the status of the application should be changed to "under review".

After reviewing the APPLICATION, a market manager should then update the status of the application to either "Accepted" or "Denied." If needed, an explanation can be provide with the APPLICATION STATUS change.

Process for a new vendor:
1. Vendor registers for an account
2. Vendor fills in their profile information
3. Vendor submits an application for any open markets
4a. Committee recieves application via email, updates status of application
4b. Vendor recieves a "Thanks for applying" email with instructions to check the status
5. Committee/manager reviews application, updates status of application
6. Email sent to vendor announcing status update of application

Last updated on July 13th, 2011


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