django-valuate 1.0 Beta 2.2

Easy plugging of user evaluation system to any Django object
django-valuate is a portable Django app to easily associate a user valuation (rating, like etc) to any object, just on the basis of template tags. No configuration of existing models and views required.


 * Run python install
 * Include 'valuate' in your installed apps settings.
 * Add (r'^valuate/', include('valuate.urls')) to your main
 * Ensure you have request context preprocessor added in the list of preprocessors or pass request varible context to views.


Available settings:

VALUATION_NAME: Name for the type of valuation, will be visible in forms. Eg: rating,like etc.

VALUATION_CHOICES: A list of choices which will be used as the choice set for users. Each choice will be assigned an integer value, going from low to high. Eg: ['low', 'medium', 'high'] => ((1, 'low'), (2, 'medium'), (3, 'high'))

VALUATION_TEMPLATE: Name of a predefined template. Currently available: rating, like.

Load the template tags: {% load valuation %}

Available tags:

{% render_valuation_form object %}

Renders the valuation form for the provided object. Override template: 'valuate/form.html' for modifying the look.

{% render_valuation_status object %}

Renders the status according to the score of various choices. Override template: 'valuate/status.html' for modifying the look.

{% get_valuation_score object %}

Returns the average score of the object using the corresponding values of chioces.

{% get_choice_count object 'choice' %}

Returns the score count for a perticular choice of an object. Choice should be provided with quotes (as string).

last updated on:
March 6th, 2011, 5:19 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Rohan Jain
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