django-timeline icondjango-timeline 0.5

A Django timeline (activity stream) using redis
django-timeline is a Django timeline app (activity stream) using Redis.There are two parts to using event streams. The first is to declare an Event, it looks like this:

from django.contrib.auth.models import User

from timeline.base import EventType
from yourapp.library.models import Item

class AddedToLibrary(EventType):
 slug = "added-to-library"
 context_shape = {
 "user": User,
 "item": Item,
 queryable_by = ["user", "item"]

And then there is querying, all querying is encapsulated in the timeline.base.Stream class. It is used like so:


will return a Stream for all of the events for the User. It can take any number of positional arguments and it will combine their streams.

It also takes a number of keyword arguments. event_type which will return only Events for a given slug. limit a number saying how many Events should be included, defaults to 20. cluster a boolean saying whether the data returned should be clustered, if it is than it yields a list of Events, rather than discrete Events.

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February 28th, 2012, 1:03 GMT
developed by:
Chris Drackett
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Other/Proprietary License
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